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From Kindergarten To Calculus

Designed as a long-term program with multiple levels for every grade, our approach develops each student to their utmost ability.

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Elementary (K-2)

Spark an early interest in mathematics and lay the groundwork for advanced reasoning.

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Elementary (3-5)

Build powerful thinking skills and an appetite for challenge while laying a strong mathematical foundation.

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Middle School

Advanced algebra and geometry instruction that prepares students to succeed.

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High School

Whether they need to shine on rigorous high school courses or college resumes, our students are prepared to tackle their goals.

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Our tiered and selective competitions program prepares students for the full array of national and international math competition.

Fall classes now enrolling!
Enroll in advanced math classes and explore our continuous K-12 curriculum, taught by expert teachers, in an interactive classroom environment of peers.
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Our approach is built on the classical tradition of using mathematics as a tool to develop the mind.

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Fall Math Classes

After-school math classes at RSM branch meet anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours per week, depending on the grade level. Learn more about the classes RSM is offering for the 2024-2025 school year.

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We believe a classroom environment is key to the learning experience. A great tutor can prepare a child for a test or help them with a specific topic, but he cannot instill a lasting mathematical foundation. We offer tutoring only as a short-term solution to prepare our students to join their peers in the classroom.

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Test Preparation

Our long-term students are prepared for standardized tests as a byproduct of our program. Our students can also elect to participate in boot camps to further refine their test-taking skills.

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