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Classical Algebra and Geometry Instruction

Our middle school students develop a fluency in Algebra and Geometry, confident and prepared to excel.

Our program delves deeply into Algebra I, II, and Geometry, ensuring our students have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed.

How it works

We guide our students through a deep exploration of algebraic concepts, empowering them to solve complex mathematical problems. Geometry is taught with a focus on formal proofs, key to further developing logic and reasoning skills.

Abstract thinking

We introduce elements of higher level algebra and proof-based geometry, sharpening our students' minds and ability to reason through complex ideas.

Mental flexibility

Students master their knowledge by regularly working with non-standard, interesting problems, compelling them to apply their existing mathematical foundation to derive new concepts. 


Students are pushed out of their comfort zones to solve challenging problems that deepen their understanding and prepare them for the tests and math competitions that may await them.

Classroom environment

Students are immersed in scholarly discourse and debate, expected to present logical arguments to support their ideas, and regularly engage in healthy competition with one another.

Check out our Middle School Math Worksheet.

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Download Worksheet

With multiple levels in each grade, from beginner to competition, we are able to ensure that each child is placed in an environment best suited to them.

I - Accelerated Level

Often the best fit for new students, this curriculum is designed to meet students where they are and bring them to the level of international standards.

II - Advanced Level

Most students continue to this level, where we offer a challenging mathematics curriculum that provides the deep understanding, reasoning skills, and confidence needed for success from elementary through honors high school and beyond.

III - Honors Level

This rigorous curriculum goes into great depth on the topics covered in the advanced level, and regularly employs competition-level problems that encourage students to push the boundaries of their abilities. Many students in Honors also choose to participate in math competitions.

Competitions Programs

Success with math competitions comes first with the deep and broad foundation best delivered in our core classes. For those interested in a more focused study of competition materials, we offer a selective competitions program that prepares novice and veteran competitors alike for the full array of national and international math competitions.

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What to Expect

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2 - 3.5 hours per week

Students may choose to enroll in algebra, geometry, or both, with classes varying from 2 hrs to 3.5 hrs combined.

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The Classroom

A classroom environment is key to our methodology. Classes consist of an average of 12 students with an expert teacher leading an interactive lesson.

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Homework is assigned each week to reinforce what was taught in class.

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A Unique Curriculum

Perfected over two decades by our team of gifted academics, our curriculum is inspired by elite mathematical schools in the former Soviet Union and adapted for the U.S. educational environment.

Our Results

In middle school, many of our students choose to participate in math competitions and post top scores. Our students also see soaring confidence, higher grades, and are prepared to succeed in their high school courses.

Ranked top school in the world by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth!
Every 4th RSM student who participated scored in the top 5% on the AMC8!
21,000 Math Kangaroo winners across the nation!
RSM alumni go on to attend the best universities in the world
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Dear Ms. R, With you, I gained a confidence in math I never had before. You helped me have great grades in school and develop a strong work ethic. You have been such a wonderful teacher.
RSM Student
7th Grade
Handwritten thank you card from an RSM student to their teacher.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you called the "Russian" School of Math?

The “Russian” comes from our approach - which is based on elite math schools in the former Soviet Union, adapted to the U.S. environment. According to Russian tradition - the study of mathematics is the pre-eminent tool of mental development. We teach math in a way that not only builds mathematical excellence, but also develops intellect and character.

Where does your curriculum come from?

We offer one continuous curriculum, from K-12. Our curriculum and methodology, perfected over 20 years by our team of gifted academics, is inspired by elite mathematical schools in the former Soviet Union, adapted for the American educational environment.

How big are your classes? What is the teacher to student ratio?

Our average class size is 12, and with three levels per grade we're able to ensure that each child is placed in a class that is appropriately challenging. Classrooms are an essential part of our methodology and curriculum as the environment enables students to verbalize and debate their ideas and exposes them to different ways of thinking.

How long are your classes?

In middle school our class length varies depending on whether a student is enrolled in algebra, geometry, or both. Algebra courses meet once a week for 2.5 hrs, Geometry for 1.5 hrs.

Why does my child need geometry?

Math education is not complete without geometry. It is a new language that takes years to master, both from the perspective of advanced logical and spatial reasoning. Most public schools offer geometry over one year at most while some even less than that, but is impossible to fully learn geometry in less than three years. If your child is interested in competitions, geometry preparation is also necessary as geometry problems are regularly featured.

How much homework should I expect?

The goal of homework is to reinforce what was taught in class. Our teachers assign just enough to strengthen the skills developed in class. Homework is an excellent tool for you to gauge your child’s learning. It should take approximately half the length of your child’s lesson to complete. If the homework takes an unreasonably long or short amount of time, that may be a red flag indicating that your child is not in an appropriate level.

Who are your teachers?

All of our teachers have a background in mathematics or a related field and have a passion for the subject. They also go through extensive training to teach according to our specific methodology and curriculum.

What is the best age to join?

It takes many years to develop a deep mathematical foundation as well as the type of mindset we focus on building. With mathematics, as with a language or a sport, the earlier a child starts the better. Our students begin to reason with abstract concepts in elementary school, and by middle school they are not only familiar with essential elements of algebra but can easily apply them in problem solving.

What is your tuition?

For specific tuition details, please visit the "tuition" section of your RSM branch of choice.

Is your program right for my child?

We have designed multiple levels for every grade specifically to be able to serve each child's development based on his or her knowledge and ability. We recommend scheduling a free evaluation, as these sessions enable us to get a sense of each child's needs and recommend a class that is best suited to him or her.

Will your program confuse my child in school?

The concepts that we cover are fundamental and we study them in depth. Children see concepts from a variety of different angles. This doesn’t lead to confusion but rather empowers students by deepening their understanding. Since our curriculum is generally ahead of public school, children will often first learn concepts at RSM. Once they master them, we find they can adapt to any school format.

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