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The Russian School of Mathematics seeks to provide a learning environment that is both welcoming and accessible to all students and employees.  Reasonable accommodations will be provided to any student or staff member upon request or notification of their stated need.

Upon notification, we will work with that person to provide all reasonable accommodations necessary.  Every classroom within a Russian School of Mathematics location is provided with the same access to educational resources, tools, and equipment which allows us to provide the most flexibility when scheduling classes.  Combined with multiple classes at each grade level, this flexibility allows us to adjust class locations and time slots as needed to best accommodate the needs of everyone at the school.  

How To Request Accommodations

Parents and/or Students can request accommodations during their initial sign-up application where you are able to provide any additional comments, requests, needs, or information pertaining to the new Student.  Staff will work with the Student to fulfill their request for reasonable accommodations and also determine the most appropriate classroom location and time slot that best suits their needs.

If the need for accommodations arises during the school year, you can make your requests known by reaching out directly to your school’s Principal or our headquarters at info@russianschool.com or by calling (617) 453-9060.

Staff members are able to request accommodations during their hiring process or at any time during their employment by contacting their Principal or our HR Department.