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Alexander Long: At the Heart of MATLAB

Software Engineer at MathWorks

Alexander works at MathWorks as a Software Engineer on the MATLAB Integration Architecture team. His team is responsible for designing the foundation of the MATLAB runtime to make the software more modular, composable and efficient in current and future environments. Their product is MATLAB, which is a programming language and development environment for scientists and engineers to prototype, design and simulate their mathematical work and complex systems.

Alexander currently lives in Boston with his significant other and their pet bunny rabbit. When not working, he spends his time traveling to new countries to experience the cuisine, the nightlife and the natural beauty of the world.

Software Engineer - MathWorks
***** - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science, Minor in Philosophy

I owe a lot to all my teachers at RSM...

...who had patience with me when I was disruptive or challenging. It took me a long time to realize just how much RSM meant to me and how much it was changing my life as I grew up. I wrote my college admissions essay about running away from RSM as a child during breaks but always coming back. I finally learned how much it had changed my life when my mom asked if I wanted to quit RSM and I had to beg her not to take me out because I knew how much it had done for me; how much I had learned and grown and how much more it had to offer. At my job and with friends, I hear people talk about their children and siblings taking classes at RSM and I never hesitate to let them know how life changing it is.

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