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2023-2024 Math Competitions Results

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, RSM students competed in numerous math competitions and achieved impressive scores.

The competition season began in November 2023 with the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT). In the Team Round, Team RSM placed 4th out of 137 teams and 11th in the Guts Round and the Sweepstakes Round. HMMT is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. Each tournament draws close to 1,000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international olympiads.

Later in the fall, RSM students participated in the AMC 10/12, the first in a series of competitions that lead to the International Mathematical Olympiad. RSM students earned scores in the top 2.5% of the AMC 10 and the top 5% of the AMC 12. Students who achieved exceptional scores on the AMC 10/12 are invited to participate in the USA(J)MO; five RSM students earned that honor. Those students are; Raymond Gao, Omar Graia, Hansen Shieh, Virat Varada, and Jeffrey Xu.

At the start of the new year, 27,000 students participated in the 2024 International Math Contest (IMC). The IMC is an online challenge based on leading math curricula from around the world and is designed to give parents insight into how their children's math knowledge compares to that of their international peers. The Online Challenge also serves as a qualifier for the International Math Contest Round 2: a challenging Olympiad in the tradition of European Mathematical Olympiads with complex problems that promote a deeper level of thinking for even the most advanced students.

Math competitions were in full swing in the spring of 2024. Team RSM participated in the 2024 Girls in Math at Yale Competition, a math competition with individual and team rounds for over 150 U.S. students held at Yale University. In the Individual Round, RSM students Selena Ge and Anika Mittal placed second and third, respectively. Additionally, Team RSM placed 7th overall, and was led by: Selena Ge, Erica Ho, Alli Katila-Miikkulainen, Anika Mittal, Anna Tang, and Chelsea Yan. This competition aims to cultivate a love for math in young women and empower them to pursue careers in STEM.

At the 2024 Berkeley mini Math Tournament, Team RSM placed 1st in the Relay Round and 8th overall out of 170 teams. Team RSM included; Camea Caprita, Neil Iyer, Yury Kirpichev, Anirudh Pulugurtha, and Calvin Strohmann. Founded at the University of California, Berkeley in the early 2010s, the Berkeley mini Math Tournament gathers middle school students in grades 8 and below to celebrate mathematics and the spirit of mathematical competition.

Finally, at Purple Comet! 2024, RSM MCP Team ranked 1st in the world out of 4,033 registered teams from 68 countries. The Purple Comet! Math Meet is a team mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students conducted annually since 2003.

Congratulations to all of our hard-working and accomplished students who participated in math competitions throughout the 2023-2024 school year!

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