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AIME 2024 Workshops

The American Mathematics Contest (AMC) is a challenging and prestigious national competition, administered by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Students who perform exceptionally well on the AMC 10/12 are invited to continue participating in the AMC series of examinations that culminate with the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The first in this series is the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME), followed by the USA Mathematical Olympiad and Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO and USAJMO). 

The AIME I will take place on February 1st, 2024.

The AIME II will take place on February 7th, 2024. 

Students cannot take both the AIME I and AIME II.

Prepare for AIME 2024 with RSM MCP teachers

To help students prepare for the AIME 2024 examination, we will be offering three FREE LIVE WORKSHOPS. The workshops are specifically designed for students qualified for AIME and conducted by Math Competition Preparation experts.

Register below for one or all three webinars to save your spot. Space is limited!


AIME Workshop #1 Combinatorics:

January 12th from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST --> REGISTER

The workshop is designed for students who have qualified for the AIME 2024. In this workshop, RSM MCP teachers will go over a structural review of combinatorics principles used in AIME and discuss typical combinatorics problems with elements of number theory, recursion problems with a non-trivial transition to the casework. A variety of approaches and solutions will be discussed during this workshop as well.


AIME Workshop #2 Probability, Number Theory:

January 19th from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST --> REGISTER 

In this workshop, RSM MCP teachers will go over probability problems and its correct interpretation in combinatorial terms and connection of recursion in combinatorics to probability problems using Markov chains. This is a fascinating tool allowing concisely to represent multi-step probabilistic scenarios.


AIME Workshop #3 Number Theory & Various problems:

January 26th from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST --> REGISTER

In this workshop, RSM MCP teachers will go over how to gain proficiency in solving abstract moduli arithmetic problems. The focus of the webinar will be on getting experience in solving a vast array of different easy and intermediate problems and a few elegant problems that are out of the scope of these workshops will be presented.


Good luck to all the AIME participants!

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