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MPower Math Magazine April 2024

The latest MPower issue is ready for download!

This edition of MPower! focuses on toys and games. Whether you play chess or dominoes, roll dice, or arrange tiles on a board, you can explore the game's underlying logic and strategy. Both game theory and probability theory originated with the study of games. Now these mathematics are used in physics and biology, in finance and economics, in political science and AI. Which game will lead you to a wonderful math discovery? Our 8th Edition can be downloaded here.

This issue of MPower! honors our MCP/NMCP competition winners and the Girls in Math at Yale winners. Their names can be found on pages 1-5 of this issue. Their hard work and dedication during these math competitions makes them well deserving of this recognition!

MPower! is a math magazine for children who want to flex their mathematical muscles and show off their problem-solving ingenuity.

From timing a snail one lazy, summer afternoon to growing bacteria in your science lab, MPower! is a pathway to higher-level thinking and reasoning. The magazine provides the tools your child needs to analyze, understand, and solve complex math problems.

The previous MPower! issues are now available

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