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Marvelous Math Library: Fun-tastic Math Resources for Your Family

Since our mission is to keep you well-sated with mathematical nourishment, here is the second batch of our fun-tastic resources!

This week, we are continuing to focus on elementary and middle school students, while making sure that the entire family can join in the fun!

As before, if you spy an eye symbol 👀 next to an item, it means that this particular resource is a visual feast!

In this issue:

  • Books and Coloring Books
  • Games and Manipulatives
  • Video Games


Books and Coloring Books

How Math Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Wonders of Mathematics by Carol Vorderman. This is a wellspring of discovery learning activities and experiments. This book is not meant to be read cover-to-cover, but rather to serve as a source of inspiration. The activities are nicely outlined and should be easily duplicated at home.


The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations by Boris Kordemsky.

We adore recreational mathematics, and would be remiss not to mention one of our favorite collections here, especially since it takes us back to our Russian roots. 😊 This is a classic for a reason - the puzzles are charming yet sophisticated, and the levels of complexity vary enough to satisfy the most discerning puzzle enthusiast. A treat for the hungry mind!


This is Not a Math Book by Anna Weltman

This lovely slim volume strikes yet another powerful blow to the math-art dichotomy! Much more than a coloring book, this “smart art activity book” is a beautiful blend of math, art, and creativity. Designed to keep the young ones entertained, it may tempt their parents and grandparents to get copies of their own! 👀


Games and Manipulatives

ThinkFun games. Our favorites (Rush Hour, Block By Block, Brick Logic, Shape By Shape) do a terrific job developing your children’s spatial and conceptual reasoning skills. Oh, and did we mention that they are fun?


Geomag - Magnetic building toys. There are other brands of these magnetic rods and spheres; the Geomag brand happens to be the one that we are most familiar with, and have used for decades. For some building ideas, check out this video: Satisfying Dynamic Sculpture, Magnetic Gears | Magnetic Games. 👀


Fractiles. These magnetic pattern tiles are very similar to pattern blocks, but with an added bonus - since they are magnetic, your little ones can happily play with them in the kitchen with the fridge as their canvas!


Video Games

Professor Layton and the Curious Village on iOS and other digital platforms. Originally developed for Nintendo DS, this game features a mystery that you have to unravel. In order to proceed, you have to solve puzzles! The puzzles are terrific, art and music are lovely, game play is engaging - something that all generations can enjoy! 👀

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