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Letter from a Harvard graduate

"Real talent lies in consistency" - Dr. Jan Shubert

Very often at RSM students show their gratitude to their beloved math teachers but rarely reach out as graduates. That's not Isabel's story, a Harvard graduate who remembered her RSM math teacher, Dr. Jan Shubert, years after completing the RSM high school program.

For those that don't know Dr. Shubert, he is the Manager of Competition Projects at the Russian School of Mathematics. To his point, a good mentor is very important, much more important than so-called talent because a good teacher can have a great effect.

Same as Isabel, most students start with RSM from an early age so teachers are part of their journey from Kindergarten to Calculus seeing them shine and thrive year over year. We are especially proud to have been part of your successful journey, Isabel, and we wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.


"I always remember a phrase that I read in Renoir's book: talent is a question of quantity. Everyone can write one book, one story; everyone could be good one time. The real talent lies in consistency." - Dr. Jan Shubert

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