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Team RSM Wins Guts Round at the HMMT!

We are so excited to share with you our team's incredible performance at this year's HMMT

Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament is one of the most prestigious high school math competitions in the world! Each tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international Olympiads.

With a score of 208, our RSM Team placed 1st in the Guts Round and 7th out of 150 teams overall! We are incredibly proud of our students' success this year and send our warmest congratulations to the team, coaches, teachers, parents, and everyone who contributed to this great achievement!

About our RSM Team

Ali El MoselhyA 10th grade student who joined RSM in the 3rd grade, Ali is also enrolled in our online Math Competition Preparation program and is the captain RSM's HMMT Team A!

Sebastian Prasanna - A 10th grade student, Sebastian has been a student at RSM since the 1st grade. 

Adam and Selena Ge - In grades 7 and 6 respectively, both Adam and Selena received perfect scores on the AMC 8 after 2 years in RSM's online MCP program.

Aryan Raj - A long-time RSM student who is now in grade 8.

Robert Rogers - 10th grader Robert is now in his second year of our National Math Competition Preparation Program (NMCP), our most selective competition track. 


About our Competition Coach

Congratulations to the Head of our Competitions Program, Dr. Jan Shubert, and the amazing team of students he assembled this year! Many of Dr. Shubert's students are among the winners of national math competitions and have gone on to major in math as undergraduates at Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge University! 


Math Competition Preparation at RSM

Our Math Competition Preparation program is designed for students interested in advanced mathematical topics as well as participating in elite math competitions. Our selective and tiered competitions program prepares students for the full array of national and international math Olympiads. Visit our competitions section of the website and learn about our program.

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