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Celebrating Success: Anusha Senapati invited to Math Prize for Girls at MIT

Anusha: "Math doesn’t have to be a race. With practice, I promise it can become a fun outlet".

RSM student of 11 years, Anusha Senapati, was invited to the Math Prize for Girls at MIT! The Advantage Testing Foundation/Jane Street Math Prize for Girls is the largest math prize for girls in the world. Each fall at MIT, about 250 young female mathematicians compete in their challenging test of mathematical creativity and insight. The goal is to promote gender equity in the STEM professions and to encourage young women with exceptional potential to become mathematical and scientific leaders.

Anusha joined RSM in Kindergarten. RSM opened her world to a community of students and teachers with similar interests in math where she learned to approach math problems creatively and analytically. 

Her participation in math competitions has provided her with a chance to gain a deeper understanding of math outside the classroom and to explore new ways to solve math problems. 

Anusha plans to continue her education in a math-related field in college and hopes to become a math researcher or professor in the future.

Congratulations to Anusha! We're so proud of your hard work and success!

Anusha Senapati
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